Technical instructions

For best results, Conversations in Darkness should be used on desktop (PC or Mac) with cable headphones. Mobile devices and wireless headphones are not recommended.

Before running the application, make sure audio input is run through the computer (not headphones). Instructions below:

If using a Mac OS (10.8 or later), click:
System Preferences > Sound > Input > Select: Built-in

If using a PC (Windows X), click:
Settings > System > Sound > Input: Choose your input device > Microphone


  1. Press the Window key + S to bring up the Search bar
  2. Type ‘realtek’ into the search bar and press Enter
  3. Click ‘Realtek HD Audio Manager’
  4. Click Microphone, and Advanced Device Settings
  5. Select ‘Classic Mode’ and press Enter

Recommended browsers:

Mac: Safari, Firefox
PC: Edge, Chrome

Any technical questions can be directed to