We have been told to keep our distance, precisely at a time when we must come together.

The world is in flux, and we feel it. People, goods, money, ideas, viruses - some move faster, while others have slowed down. What tools and practices enable us to make sense of this current moment?

Conversations in Darkness is an alternative to conference calls that asks you to turn off your webcam and listen with focus to the sounds that surround you. The website provides a free spatialised interface that allows four participants to talk with each other as if sharing the same space.

In addition to the web application, this website hosts the Conversations in Darkness spatialised podcast series (also available on Spotify). The podcast features artists from around the world using the software to share thoughts and experiences of this moment in time.

Through Conversations in Darkness, you are invited to explore how deep listening and spatial sound may enable different forms of conversation and interaction online.