Session 3 w. Ido Feder, Marte Boneschansker and Sean Park

In the third episode Julien talks with a choreographer, an audio performance artist, and a scholar of design and strategic foresight to revisit the question: How do you sense movement (in yourself, in the world), and has that quality of sensation or movement changed in the past 1.5 years?

Ido Feder (joining from Tel Aviv)

Ido is a choreographer and artist interested in extended choreography, intervening curatorship and rituals of dance and performance.

Marte Boneschansker (joining from Amsterdam)

Marte is a Dutch audio performance artist. She creates intimate, physical listening experiences with one-on-one conversations as a starting point.

Sean Park (Joining from Hamilton)

Sean is an assistant professor in the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. He teaches courses on human-centred design, creative problem solving and strategic foresight.

Julien Thomas (joining from Amsterdam)

Julien is an installation artist and social designer who explores the threshold between the spoken and the unspoken. He aims to create environments and objects that present an expanded sense of discursive possibility, and develops performative installations and processes that are jointly explored and discerned through movement, rhythm, sound and voice.