Session 2 w. Carrie MacLeod, Dirk Vis and Ana Wild

In the second episode Julien talks with an expressive arts scholar, a writer, and a performance maker to revisit the question: How do you sense movement (in yourself, in the world), and has that quality of sensation or movement changed in the past 1.5 years?

Carrie MacLeod (joining from Vancouver)

Carrie is an artist, scholar and practitioner with 20+ years experience facilitating dialogue, enhancing creativity, and inspiring fresh response through engagement with arts.

Dirk Vis (joining from Amsterdam)

Dirk writes essays, scripts, poetry, and real-life science fiction, in Dutch and English. Vis spends his time between Amsterdam, Berlin and the forest of Białowieża.

Ana Wild (joining from Tel Aviv)

Ana is an artist, a young girl, a graceful punk, a memorisation maven, interested in voice, in speaking, in words, in knowledge-structures, in anthropology, history, mythology, poetry, graphic design, electricity, in creation ex-nihlis, in musicality, learning, understanding, repetition, cyclicality, in Hebrew, English, French, Arabic, in translation, in print, in magic, in adventure, in friendship, in agency and in power.

Julien Thomas (joining from Amsterdam)

Julien is an installation artist and social designer who explores the threshold between the spoken and the unspoken. He aims to create environments and objects that present an expanded sense of discursive possibility, and develops performative installations and processes that are jointly explored and discerned through movement, rhythm, sound and voice.