Session 1 w. Cissie Fu, Leila Anderson and Yuri Veerman

In the first episode Julien talks with a political theorist, a performance maker, and a multimedia artist/designer to explore the relationship between movement and change. The conversation begins with the question: How do you sense movement (in yourself, in the world), and has that quality of sensation or movement changed in the past 1.5 years?

Cissie Fu (Vancouver)

Cissie is a political theorist whose practice and research dance at the nexus of politics, philosophy, and performance. She experiments with ways to reimagine the political through digital technology and the creative arts.

Leila Anderson (Antwerp)

Leila is a performance maker and public arts curator. Her work explores social relations, often between people, place and the natural environment – and relations between ethics and aesthetic experience. She is originally from Cape Town, South Africa, but based now in Belgium.

Yuri Veerman (Amsterdam)

Yuri Veerman is an artist, designer and performer, living and working in Amsterdam. Through posters, books, videos, websites, campaigns, flags or performances, Veerman tells seemingly simple stories about an increasingly complex world.